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Thread: breasts maxed out after 7 hours asleep

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    Default breasts maxed out after 7 hours asleep

    Ok I have hypoplasia (far less breast tissue than normal) which has contributed to my overall low supply and needing to supplement my baby (fortunately with another mamma's milk now). I put my baby down to sleep at around 9 pm after his 8 pm feeding that takes forever because of the supplementing via sns. He sleeps for a few hours and wakes up to eat -he is 6 months now -and I welcome the feeding since I need to keep draining the milk -and pumping at night sucks. Anyway last night I fell asleep before changing sides in the middle of the night and he slept unusually long leaving one breast full. It was about 7&1/2 hours the breast had been filling and it felt like a tough lumpy ball of playdough. I woke my son up and latched him to that side and he drained it in about 15 minutes, no breaks and then promptly passed out for another hour and a half. I imagine I had about 3 oz in there maybe... thats based on my calculations from pumping ( yes i understand thats not accurate entirely but believe me i have low supply and really funky boobs)
    I was wondering if that means I was maxed out and that 3oz is my capacity per breast. I cant even begin to imagine what more than that feels like or how anyone can go through a whole night without a feeding just because their baby can sleep through. Does anyone else reach a capacity -get engorged in about 7 hours? I am so curious what is normal since I clearly haven't had a normal experience.
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    Default Re: breasts maxed out after 7 hours asleep

    My babe is almost 6 months old, and I would definitely not make it for 7 1/2 hours! She nurses every 1 1/2 hours at night. I remember with my first daughter, if she would sleep an unusual stretch (which for us would have been more like 4 or 5 hours at this age) I would wake up feeling like my breasts could not get any bigger or harder and I was going to explode. If she didn't wake up I'd have to hand-express for some relief and I'd still be leaking all over the place. So I think it is pretty normal. But if it happened frequently I think our bodies would adjust pretty quickly. My second daughter only uses my left breast, every 90 minutes or 2 hours at night and more often during the day, so I can't imagine that poor breast going for much longer than 3 hours without feeling the pain, haha!

    Good for you for your hard work to BF despite hypoplasia

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    Default Re: breasts maxed out after 7 hours asleep

    Definitely normal to be engorged after 7 hours when your breasts are used to being drained more frequently. I would not take it as an indication of anything wrong.
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    Default Re: breasts maxed out after 7 hours asleep

    The first long sleep stretch can definitely cause a mom to wake up engorged. I know nighttime pumping sucks, so I'd encourage you to keep on waking the baby and nursing at night. I had low supply with my first kid and nighttime was the only time of day when I could simply nurse, and not supplement. Most moms have more milk at night and in the wee hours of the morning because prolactin levels are highest at those times. But if you don't want to nurse, I'd encourage you to break out the pump. You may be able to get quite a lot of milk in the middle of the night!

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