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Thread: Iron supplement and vomiting

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    Sometimes, my LO vomits after I give her the supplement. But I am wondering if it's how I'm doing it and when. I always give it at bedtime and then I nurse her to sleep. And then sometimes, she vomits all over the place. She did eat alot of cheerios tonight at church and then came home and nursed. She was never a big spitter upper. She is 13 months old. It is just the enfamil supplement. Is there a better one that easier on her tummy? Or should I give it on an empty stomach? Or with food, rather than breastmilk. She barely eats any food, anyway, That's how we got ourselves in this situation to begin with.

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    I need some ideas. She won't let me spoonfeed her anything and she barely eats any food, only tiny bites of scrambled eggs sometimes, and recently, she's finally eating baby junkfood, i.e., earth's best rice cake things, and graham crackers. The pediatrician had me begin giving her the supplement, so she's low, but I don't know how low. I am starting to really worry about her. She will put raisins in her mouth and move them around, and she has 16 teeth, but they come out whole in her diaper so I'm not sure she's absorbing any of the iron in those. She eats tiny little bits of oatmeal. I can't just feed her iron rich foods and forego the supplement, because she won't let me feed her, and she will barely feed herself anything. Is that floradix stuff worth the money? Does it make babies less nauseated? Isn't there some other drop that just takes a single drop on your nipple while nursing? Or is that vitamin D? She thew up again tonight. And then she's hard to nurse a few hours after that, so it's like she misses two nursings. Can babies feed themselves black strap molasses? Maybe I could spread it on a graham cracker?? Who sells it? I am much MORE comfortable figuring out a way to get her to eat iron rich food and not having her vomit once or twice a day, but I can't spend a week's worth of grocery money on molasses or something that will go to waste. HELP!

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