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Thread: soft light yellow stools?!

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    Default soft light yellow stools?!

    I have a 13 1/2 month old. We went on a trip to a waterpark Tues and Wed with his older half siblings. Yesterday (Thurs ) he had a blow out stool with a very pale yellow (grey poupon consistency) his back and out the sides of his diaper. I haven't had this since before he started solids! I chalked it up to a one time thing.... Then this morning I had another more yellow but still light and very soft stool (still grey poupon consistency), another one after that but it wasn't as large of an amount but more yellow (more mustard like). And now still another diaper that is more mustard color but still more watery like the second diaper.

    He drinks water when not breastfeeding and once in a while juice with breakfast. Diet was not different on Tues or Wed and only drank either water or breastmilk.

    Any ideas on what might be causing this? I thought perhaps the change in drinking water? Or perhaps he got some of the pool water in his mouth? He seems fine and acting normal otherwise than he had some irritation on his penis and it was red and painful when I went to clean it but I think it is due to the water chaffing on the swim diaper and the life jacket strap because baby powder is helping to reduce the irriation. Looking for some help please!!!! Haven't had diapers like this in about 6 months or more!!

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    Default Re: soft light yellow stools?!

    I'd guess he has a mild case of diarrhea. Or perhaps... Has his intake of solids dropped recently? That might explain the sudden return to EBF-looking poops.

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    Default Re: soft light yellow stools?!

    I would blame the waterpark. my boy had something like this past summer after a visit to a pool we had not been to before (and wont go there again). They ingest water no matter what you do and what you describe sounds to me like some bug messed up his bowels. I cured it this past summer with those probiotic supplements with Lactobacillus acidophilus / friendly bacteria you can get in the pharmacy.
    BTW, re penis, mine had an infection of the glans (i hope this is the right english term, i mean the very tip) last year. initially he had no pain only redness, and only after 2 days there was pain and some sort of slime oozed out. Pediatrician prescribed some antibiotic cream and it was gone in 48 hours. I just mention it because I had no idea this part could get infected at all (not having one myself :-)

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