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Thread: cant belive i made it 11 months

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    Default cant belive i made it 11 months

    My DS is 11 and we are still going strong. I am still excited about BF and spending that time with my DS. Even with adding 3 meals with the family he still demands to nurse about every 2 hours. We still nurse every 2 hours at night. I had so many issues BF my daughter in part to real life and lack of support. I was so worried I wouldn't be able be successful with my son. I am so happy I made it this far and it looks like he isn't about to give up the boob any time soon. I have had a on going debate with my husband on still BFing and our son not STTN. Oddly though he and his sisters boyfriend about both topics and he ended up repeating everything I had said to him. So he now it sounds like he's on the train to let our son make the choice of when to stop and now really understands why night feedings are ok . I couldn't think of a better way to start the year. This year is going to rock.

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    Yay! Keep up the good work mama!

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    My lo is 6&1/2 m now and I am really starting to love love love bfing. We've dealt with so many problems in such a short amount of time...ive been on the brink of nervous breakdowns and giving up bfing alltogether... but here we are enjoying our time immensely and actually looking forward to, in stead of dreading, each feeding. Ive never been more in love or felt closer to anyone in my life. Breastfeeding is so wonderful and gratifying ...I applaud your hard work and am so excited for you to be so far along in you bf relationship. Congrats and enjoy it for all its blessings.
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