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Thread: Nipple confusion? Please help :(

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    Default Nipple confusion? Please help :(

    Hi everyone.

    *I have a 10 day old baby girl and I've always been desperate to exclusively bf. When she was born she latched on straight away and I was so happy..But we had a pretty traumatic emergency forceps delivery and I lost a lot of blood. I was laid up for a Couple of days and needed a blood transfusion which due to iron levels affects milk production so I was trying so hard to bf was struggling.

    Next thing was she had bad jaundice and ended up needing 2 days of phototherapy! I was under pressure to keep her fluids up and so started bf with top up formula ... this broke my heart! First with pipette then moved on to cup and then teat when we got home. Been expressing to try and boost my supply. Finally my milk is now in but not getting anything out yet.

    Now I've found she's taking more n more formula and I'm scared my milk just isnt enough for her.. some feeding sessions she will latch on for a few mins then reject and cry for more then repeat over and over until I eventually relent and give her top up. Shes always been a sleepy feeder and have to keep her awake the whole time so it can be slow going. She just never seems fully satisfied just from me. Anyone any advice??

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    Default Re: Nipple confusion? Please help :(

    I and congratulations on your dear new baby. You have had a really rough start, but rough starts can be overcome. Many moms with rough starts go on to nurse thier babies very happily, I promise you.

    It is hard to tell if a newborn gets enough by their behavior. Newborns pretty much want to nurse constantly. If someone gives them a bottle, they will suck down whatever is in it, not because they do not get enough at the breast, necessarily, but just because they have a compelling need to suckle.

    The best way to tell a baby is getting enough milk by weight gain. Output, poops specifically, will also give you good information about input! And if you can watch your baby nurse closely, many moms are able to figure out from those little nursing sounds if a baby is swallowing.

    Is breastfeeding comfortable for you? Any pain? How many time a day does your baby nurse? It should be at least 10 times in 24 hours. More often is normal and fine. How often is baby pooping?

    How much is baby being supplemented-how often, and volume?

    I hope you have good breastfeeding support where you are. La Leche League, a board certified lactation consultant, etc-it may be helpful to meet with an IBCLC to have breastfeeding assessed so you can see if there really is a problem and fix it, if there is one.

    I also suggest The Womanly Art of breastfeeding (8th edition, 2010) and this article: http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

    This I did not understand:
    Finally my milk is now in but not getting anything out yet.
    Do you mean that your breasts feel full but no milk is expressing when you pump? That is odd, and suggests a problem with the pump or extreme engorgement. Can you hand express milk, are you very painfully engorged, when baby nurses does it seem as if milk comes out? (do you get relief?)

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