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Thread: Overactive letdown, still?? (20 months)

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    Default Overactive letdown, still?? (20 months)

    In your experience, is it possible to have an overactive letdown at 20 months? I've always had a strong flow of milk (plus oversupply in the beginning), and it seems like my LO still has to manage a strong spray when letdown occurs. Not that he complains -- he loves nursing and still gets at least 30-50% of his daily food intake from breast milk. (at least it seems like that some days.)

    I don't really have any complaints either; I'm just curious if anyone else has had this experience.

    Also, I CANNOT BELIEVE he's already 20 months. It seems like just yesterday I was reading and re-reading the LLLI book while my little newborn nursed non stop.


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    Default Re: Overactive letdown, still?? (20 months)

    Bumping for you--my son is only 12 months, so I have no idea if it's possible still at 20 months. I think I still have OALD at 12 months, though my DS doesn't seem to have any problem with it, either. Hopefully someone else can give you a better answer
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    Default Re: Overactive letdown, still?? (20 months)

    I know this thread is a little old, but I had overactive letdown for well over a year with my first, and now my second is 11 months, and I'm still a firehose. Both have/had food protein allergies like crazy. Dd grew out of them. Dh has so many it's easier to list what we CAN eat. Wondering if the two are related. Going to check out the allergy forum to research more on the potential connection...

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