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    Hi all I'm new LLL I wish I would have come a crossed this website at the beginning of BFing I had a really really hard time bfing for 8 weeks (MAJOY latch and supply issues) but I was determined I was going to bf and I did it! The past 18 months have been some of the hardest and most amazing times with my little man. So I am thinking of starting to wean my LO he is 18mo and my husband and I are ready to get serious about having another one and I need to lose some weight before we have #2. My LO only nurses when he goes to sleep at this point. So I nurse on average of twice a day in the afternoon and at bedtime. Since he doesn't nurse very much how do I wean him without going cold turkey? I don't think I have that much milk left and I am totally dried up on one side so he only nurses on one side. So my questions are:

    1. How do you wean when your LO does't nurse very often already? at the most 2times a day only at nap and bedtime.

    2. My LO refuses to drink milk I have tried and tried and he just spits it out should I keep nursing until he likes milk to make sure he gets what he needs?

    I am having a hard time thinking about weaning. I am worried about how that will affect my sons and my relationship and how it will affect his sleeping. Any advise about all of the above would be appreciated! Sorry to be long winded!

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    it sounds from your post that you may not be ready to wean.

    if you really want to wean though, just go with what you are most comfortable with. if hes nursing to sleep maybe have your dh take over bed time? but if hes not drinking milk from a cup it may not be the time.

    also, i just wanted to say that you can work on weight loss and tcc without weaning.

    i would say to keep nursing if he needs that now. you may find that if you do get pregnant he may wean on his own, many moms find their milk dries up during pregnancy.

    i just cant imagine weaning my 22 month old, he needs it so much even though it is mostly for sleeping and for comfort. i love it too

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    I agree you don't sound really ready to wean. I just wanted to add,though,that itsn't necessary for toddlers to drink milk. There are other dietary sources of calcium that can meet his needs, with some diligence from you, of course. There are also non-dairy milks you can try that your son may prefer. My daughter is ambivalent about cows milk. She drinks some but also likes almond milk.

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    As long as you are nursing 3-5 times in a 24hour period, you don't need substitute milk. So I WOULD continue to nurse until you can get your baby on board with milk. My son didn't really like it until he was two.

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