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Thread: Will she ever self wean? Three and no interest in weaning

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    Default Will she ever self wean? Three and no interest in weaning

    I don't mind the nursing, but some days it can be too much. Pulling at my shirt, screaming for boobie, non stop nursing days. I have been hoping she would self wean, but I got a bit proactive the other day, and put olive juice on my boobs. It totally stopped her from groping me and asking, but she wants to see them to find out what is wrong, she keeps asking why they are " scratchy" and asks me to fix them. It's very hard emotionally for me. She turned three the other day, and weaning is reminding me she is not a baby anymore! Boo hoo! How hard do you think it is to wean a girl who does not want to, and mommy does not really want to, either! I'm just worried that I am trying to satisfy mommy needs, and maybe she needs that push. It's too hard!!! I have struggles from day one with this love/ hate relationship with breast feeding!!! So many ups and downs, clogged ducts, sore nipples, aching back! But, my baby has always been happy and healthy! I don't want to confuse her with this olive juice thing, but I don't mind night nursing. Should I take the lead, or wait for her? Am I the problem? I don't want a four year old on my boob.

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    Default Re: Will she ever self wean? Three and no interest in weani

    You sound so frustrated and conflicted, mama! I think the question here is, what do YOU want? What level of nursing are YOU comfortable with? At this point, it is 100% reasonable to set limits on nursing. You can choose not to nurse during the day, or to not to nurse longer than X amount of time or X number of times per day... Often some limits on demand can result in a mom who is happy to continue to nurse- even to age 4, or beyond! And limits are a step towards total weaning, so they are useful in that respect, too.

    If you set a limit- let's say it's something like "You can nurse until I count to 10" or something similar- don't be too surprised if you get pushback and tantruming from your toddler. A dedicated nurser doesn't necessarily give up unrestricted breast access without some sort of struggle. But screaming doesn't mean you have to give in!

    Weaning is dance between mom and baby. Sometimes mom will lead, sometimes baby. If you're feeling the need to push the process a little at this point, that's okay! You can still allow your baby to self-wean while setting some boundaries.

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