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Thread: Am I at risk for being lopsided?

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    Default Am I at risk for being lopsided?

    My left side has always been more productive than my right side. When I first started back at work and was pumping, my left side would put out twice what my right was, sometimes more than that. I was able to even this out over time, though, and both sides would produce similar amounts.

    Now that I'm not working right now and I'm not pumping anymore, I'm worried that my production has gotten lopsided again. For the past two days, she's only wanted the right side very briefly, if at all. Put her on the left and she's happy as a clam and settles in for a good long meal.

    Am I at risk for being lopsided permanently? Is it possible to get the right side producing more again? Should I always put her on that side first to try to stimulate that?

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    Default Re: Am I at risk for being lopsided?

    Yes. Always start her on that side. And sometimes only feed on that side. It's all supply and demand. If you demand more from that side it will produce more.

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    Default Re: Am I at risk for being lopsided?

    I am lopsided! DD prefers the left more than the right. I try to get her started on the right most times, but she'll only take it for a few seconds as my right side needs the left to letdown first before it really gives up the milk hahaha. But yes, if you start her on the right always, that should stimulate more production. You could also try pumping the right side after she is finished! I have just conceded to being lopsided, you can't really tell unless you are looking. DH likes to laugh at me about it Silly husbands...

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    Default Re: Am I at risk for being lopsided?

    I am totally lopsided too. I generally pump about 4+ oz on the right and 1 oz or less on the left. I really noticed it when I first started pumping at work 4 months ago and at that time I started making a point of always starting nursing my baby on the left, then switching to the right. I don't always do it when we're in public if I'm in an awkward situation where I would just prefer to not get both my boobs out, but I always do it at home. I don't always do it at night when I'm half asleep. But I always do it other times, for what that's worth It hasn't made a bit of difference, but I suppose it might have helped the lospidedness from getting any worse? One thing I find is that sometimes, especially in the evenings and early morning, I will start her on the left, then switch when I feel her slowing down or getting frustrated and I feel like that breast is empty. I can almost never ONLY feed her on the left because it's just not enough. So then I switch and she ends up hanging out drinking from the right for a loooong time, likely just sucking, but I think it sometimes ends up stimulating my right a lot more than my left. So I try to remember to switch her back to the left when I feel like she's close to done drinking on the right and get her to really empty the left again. But that ends up being a lot of switching. And I don't know if it's helping. Being lopsided is kind of a drag. I am going to be interested to see what happens if/when I have another baby. I wonder if it's something with my anatomy or if I set myself up for being lopsided early on in establishing breastfeeding somehow? I did try to pay attention and nurse on both sides equally but who knows. Let us know if you're successful in evening things out!

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