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Thread: Lots of issues...in need of advice.

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    Default Lots of issues...in need of advice.

    Ben is 3 months old. He has been nursing well since birth but we are having a couple of issues:
    1. He has TERRIBLE gas- we have to use gas drops frequently, rub his belly, pump his legs etc. His farts stink so bad sometimes they make me gag (and I'm an RN in an emergency room so that's pretty bad). I have already eliminated dairy from my diet and haven't had any for about 2 months.

    2. He's sometimes fussy at the breast and pulls away, screams and relatches but then falls asleep and suckles and everything seems normal (all in the same nursing session).

    3. He will not drink from ANY bottle (we've tried 9 types) while I'm at work for 12-13 hours at a time, 3x per week. He drinks about 6 ounces the whole time I'm gone (that's only because my husband pretty much drips milk into his mouth). He knows how to suck from a bottle but he just won't because he knows I'm coming home. When I get home from work he's ravenous and his soft spot is somewhat depressed. His weight gain is on track so the ped isn't concerned but it bothers me that he goes all that time without eating. He does eat all night after my work shift though. We co-sleep.

    4. He prefers FORMULA over my refrigerated breast milk. I attempted to scald my milk and it still smells weird to me. It seems to spoil faster than with my first son. My husband has been mixing BM and formula to get him to take a couple ounces while I work.

    Any advice for these issues?

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    Default Re: Lots of issues...in need of advice.

    I'm sorry you are struggling... I don't have any direct advice on the gas. could be the formula? maybe try a different kind. I had read when my LO was smaller that you can try cup feeding them that they will lap the bm from a cup. maybe you can look into that. your work shift seems like an awful long time to go without and he may be dehydrated. how are his wet & dirty diapers? this might sounds crazy but could your husband bring him to you so you can nurse him during your shift for a bit to help get him back on track? good luck.

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    Default Re: Lots of issues...in need of advice.

    My daughter is 6 months old and we have been having the same issues as you SINCE BIRTH. She had/has really bad gas as well. I have cut out dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, and wheat from my diet and it helped tremendously, but she was still having gas and her reflux was still pretty bad. So now I am 100% vegan and still no soy, nuts, wheat, or gluten. That did the trick. It's a very hard lifestyle decision but her being breastfed was more important to me.

    Next, my daughter also DOES NOT like the bottle, but on the very rare occassion she has no choice but to take one the ONLY bottle that works for us is the Medela calm bottles, and I like you have a cabinet full of different brands of bottles that were a no go.

    My daughter used to pull away at the breast, scream, latch back on then scream again. It is likely because of the gas, and he has associated your breast with that. At least thats what my lactation consultant has told me.

    And the formula thing...I dont know what to tell you there. That could be the gas culprit. Why did you introduce formula in the first place?

    Other than that. Hopefully for you it gets easier.

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    Default Re: Lots of issues...in need of advice.

    Ugh, I'm with you on the gas, horrible smelling gas, painful gas, etc. My husband's family swears its genetic to their family... I dreaded mornings the first 4 months (son is 6 months now) because the gas was constant, putrid, and lingered. I spent hours in the stink cloud. Yuck. I have low supply and supplemented with formula too until I found a kind donor mom. Since my son has had 100% bm and I changed how I positioned him at feedings (initially for reflux issues but it really helped with gas) his gas has backed off a lot. I sat reclined with his legs straddling one of my legs and fed him on the opposite breast. This is a great position and no boppy is needed. He still is a very flatulent baby, but its not as painful apparently as it used to be. At night too, if he has a gas attack,I just lay on my back lay him stomach down on my tummy and (rather hard) punch his bottom...this alwatlys makes him release the gas instantly though I think its rather rough. I think the pressure on his bottom and the pressure on his tummy work together well. Anyway, I never changed my diet because I was needing to take galactagogues for low supply and they caused gas on their own... hope this can help with your baby's gas problems.
    Also, sounds like your baby has reverse cycled on you ...becoming a night feeder and holding out during the day to eat. That works for a lit of moms who work days...its nor too unusual. If she is thriving otherwise I wouldn't stress too much since its only 3 times a week. Also she likely preferred formula when you're gone because its more filling. She doesn't want to eat without you but if she has to, I'm sure she'd prefer to have something that will keep her full longer. I think how your husband is handling it is working. When I supplemented. With formula, my son wanted to go 4 hours without breastfeeding. If you want your baby to consume more milk to make up for her long durations without it, try supplementing your feedings with an sns at the breast, once she drains you undo the clamp and keep filling her up.
    Hang in there too, you have a lot you are already doing and dealing with. Keep it up, breastfeeding constantly changes day by day week to week and monthly. You may get through this episode fast. I'm totally amazed how much baletter things have gotten at 6 months for us.
    Long time wannabe Momma. First time actual Momma.

    -candice -

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