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Thread: Recurrent mastitis & clogged ducts-help!

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    Default Recurrent mastitis & clogged ducts-help!

    DS is 3 months old, I've been having bouts of mastitis since he was 5 days old. I started feeling sick on Saturday, went right to bed & nursed, felt better yesterday but during the night started feeling sick again. I woke up engorged at 4am, pumped but got little relief, DS ate at 6am but only for a few minutes on infected side then fell back asleep. Now it's only 6:30am and I feel engorged on that side already. I've got a hot water bottle on now, thinking about jumping in the shower before the kids wake up but why would I be full already after just pumping 2.5 hours ago? Should I pump again? I'm afraid of pumping too much as I don't want to make more milk! I pumped both sides at 4am and the bad side (left) hurts & is so sore and the right side feels fuller already too. He usually feeds every 3-4 hours during the day & can go 7-8 hours at night so being full after only 2.5 hours is not normal for me.
    Side note: Not sure if it's related but when DS was 1 month I found a lump on the left side, midwife said it could just be fibroid but if it didn't go away I should have an ultrasound. I haven't had time to go back for the u/s, could this lump be causing all my problems? Sorry for all the questions!

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    i am just finishing antibiotics from my first turn at mastitis. and it is painful. you will feel full no matter what you do. my midwife said the best thing to do is nurse nurse nurse. also i applied cold alternatively with the heat. moist heat really helped. so maybe a soak in the tub? have you had antibiotics. sometimes this is all you can do. i ran a very high fever and had terrible flu like symptoms for days before i got any relief. i hadn't taken antibiotics in 10 years. have you called your midwife? that would be a good next step. she can recommend something you can take for the pain and swelling and keep nursing. i'm sure some other more experiences mamas will chime in. i hope you are feeling better soon.

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