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Thread: Gassy and fusses at the breast whilst feeding

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    Default Gassy and fusses at the breast whilst feeding

    Hi there

    My 4 week old son is being currently exclusively breastfed. Currently feeding anything from every hour to two hours.He is producing 8-10 wet/dirty nappies, gaining weight well and his dirty nappies are yellow and seedy.

    I have noticed that at times whilst he is nursing he chokes and coughs-often detaching himself from the breast to catch his breath before re-latching him and continuing his feed. Is this ok? or is my milk coming out too fast for him? Should I change my nursing position?

    I have also noticed that at times whilst nursing he pulls and tugs my nipple back with his head and then shoves his head back all the way into my breast so much so that he can't breath-the cycle then repeats himself until he calms down. Is he fussing like this at the breast because my milk is too slow at those times or also because it is coming out too fast? What can I do as my breast are really tender after his tugging session.

    He has also become increasingly gassy, could this be the reason for him pulling and tugging on the breast? I've noticed that if he wants to pass a stool whilst feeding he grunts, moans and tugs; and when the stools is passed he relaxes again?

    advice would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Gassy and fusses at the breast whilst feeding

    Welcome to the forum!

    The choking, coughing, and unlatching sounds very much like a reaction to a rapid letdown of milk. For a young baby, drinking from a breast which is releasing milk at full speed can be like trying to drink from a firehose. The first thing to try is to adopt reclined nursing positions, which enlist the aid of gravity to slow milk flow. Try leaning way back, or even lying on your back with the baby on top of you.

    Do you currently feel like you have a lot of extra milk? Making extra milk, which will make you feel engorged or full on a frequent basis, is often the root cause of fast letdowns.

    The second behavior your mention- the tugging and then the head-shoving- is a little more puzzling. It could be baby's reaction to a change in flow speed, or it could just be the generally uncoordinated behavior of a new baby. It should pass as he grows and becomes stronger and better able to control his movements- including his bowel movements. As he gets more comfortable using the bottom end of his digestive system, he's going to become less dramatic about passing gas and poop. If the behavior is a reaction to a slow flow, you could always try breast compressions to speed a little more milk to the baby, and see if that helps him settle a little.

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    Default Re: Gassy and fusses at the breast whilst feeding

    Thank you for advice....

    I am not sure if i have a lot of extra milk but my breasts definitely do feel engorged before a feed especially if he has taken a longer than usual nap.

    Will definitely try leaning back with the next feed

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