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Thread: Has or does yoru kid do this

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    Its nice to know that my son isn't a odd ball but I am happy him trying it out and learning for him self made him give up makes the time he spends with grandma more peaceful for the both of them not having to hear the fight over him lifting her shirt and trying to nurse from her. I didn't offer cross nurse but I did give tons of extra breast milk to my friend for her son since she was told by her dr she wasn't producing milk that's why her son was hungry all the time. So once I had my son and found out I had a huge over supply I would give her my extra milk for her son. So for the first month of his life he had formula but the next 5 months he got my breast milk. Sadly I got sick and my supply took a big hit and more so once I had surgery so I was no longer able to help her out any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*djs.mom View Post
    Why? Why do you feel this way? There are women here who cross nurse. And there are women here who WOULD cross nurse depending on the situation. LLL doesn't endorse that but I know of plenty of it.
    Haha idk, it's just my opinion, I guess. The thought of my daughter trying to latch onto my mother makes me very uncomfortable. It's pretty obvious that many people are perfectly fine with it, so like I said I'm more the oddball than the norm! But that's okay

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    I think there are some valid reasons for it. I was just wondering what if you were able to identify what YOURS were.

    Way too lazy for formula

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    I'd cross nurse. Nothing weird about it.
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