DS2 was born on 12/20, and I'm still nursing DS1 who turned 2 this past August. DS1 is mostly night-weaned, and getting DS2 to nurse at appropriate intervals at night can prove difficult at times (he usually nurses just fine during the day however). Consequently, when I wake up in the morning, I am a bit overfull. DS1 quite happily drains both breasts first thing upon waking (great relief to me!) but by evening both of the boobs feel very empty. DS2 usually starts getting fussy while eating by mid-afternoon, and the only thing that helps is breast compressions.

My question is this: Is the slight engorgement every night signaling that my boobs need to produce less, or does the daytime draining counteract the overnight fullness?

With DS1 I had massive oversupply and OALD, and I'm not that familiar with tandem nursing milk supply requirements, so any input into "normal" breastfeeding/tandem nursing patterns is helpful! Thanks!