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Thread: Lopsided, gassiness & laryngomalacia

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    Default Lopsided, gassiness & laryngomalacia

    Hello Ladies--

    I have several issues going on, and I am wondering how interconnected they might be. My little one is 9 1/2 weeks old. She is gaining well now, and has a yellow mustardy poo every 3 days or so. However, pretty much from the start, she's struggled desperately with gas. Poor thing. Right after she eats, and even during the latter part of a feeding session, she starts writhing, fussing, disconnecting, crying, etc. We've tried gas drops and I've eliminated various things from my diet, all to no avail. If they made a difference, it wasn't obvious. Maybe I've still not gotten the offensive food out of what I eat, or, maybe it's just an immature digestive system? Or...I wonder if it might not have to do w/ the other two issues. I've also wondered if she might not be a little lactose intolerant?

    The pediatrician thinks that she has laryngomalacia/floppy throat, which causes her to kind of gasp, squeak, snort, etc, once she starts feeding. Also, my left breast--almost right from when my milk came in--has been freakishly larger than the right one. It also produces easily twice as much (according to volume pumped). Though in the pump bottles, you can see that the milk is much less fatty (bluer in color when compared to the yellower/fattier looking stuff from the right side).

    Could it be an oversupply issue on the left side, which is causing her to gasp & swallow more air? Sometimes she'll choke and cough (not super often though). I think the floppy throat issues are also contributing to air swallowing, and that is causing the gassiness? If so, I was wondering if anyone might know some pointers on how to deal with these things? I try to make sure to use my right side as much as the left. Should I use the left side even less? But then, it becomes rock hard and uncomfortable. I also am worried about not having that plentiful supply from the left side. It makes me nervous to do anything to intentionally decrease my supply. I also always do burp her, but I don't feel like I get all the air out. I'll hear her swallowing air and will pick her up for burping, and will pat and pat her back to no avail.

    Anyway, thank you for any ideas/input. I really appreciate it!!!!
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    Default Re: Lopsided, gassiness & laryngomalacia

    well i know nothing about laryngomalacia/floppy throat, but it certainly does sound like it could cause an excess of swallowed air, and gassyness could be increased if baby is dealing with a forceful letdown on your very abundant side-

    But I don't know of any tips to lessen air gulped when nursing, sorry! I am pretty sure there are things you can try I just don't know them. hopefully someone else here does. I suspect positioning may be the key-what positions have you tried?

    But there are things you can try for forceful letdown. kelly mom has a good article on this.


    she's got one on lopsidedness as well http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/lopsided/

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