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Thread: Last BM was 9 days ago

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    Im not sure if I should be concerned. I breastfeed DD who just turned 6 mo. I started feeding her solids about 4 weeks ago. She eats a little bit of solids maybe once a day, sometimes just BFs. She hasn't had a BM in 9 going on 10 days. She doesn't act like she's in discomfort, in fact she's a very happy, tough baby. Doesn't cry for much. When should I be concerned about her BMs?

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    Exclusively breastfed babies will often go a week between poops, and may go as long as 2 weeks. Since your baby is eating some solids, I don't think I'd let her go 2 weeks without calling the doc.

    You should be concerned about constipation if your baby's stools are hard and dry enough to roll off the diaper when you pick the diaper up, and baby seems in discomfort (screaming, straining, turning red while trying to poop).

    Some things to try:
    - Cut out the solids- she doesn't need them right now
    - Offer only fruits and veggies, concentrating on the "P" fruits (peaches, plums, pears, aPricots)
    - Avoid constipating foods like cereals, white rice, white breads, cheese, bananas, and apples
    - Gve baby a warm bath (the warmth and relaxation can help things along- downside is that you may well end up scrubbing the tub)

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