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Thread: Reoccurring mastitis and sleep questions

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    Default Reoccurring mastitis and sleep questions

    My son is 15 months old and I have had mastitis at least 10 times with him. The last time I went to the doc for antibiotics she said I should wean because it wasn't good for me to be on antibiotics so often. My son still nurses about 3 times/day and usually 3 times/night so obviously he isn't ready to wean. Any advice to get rid of mastitis?

    I am starting to feel like I'll never sleep again! He is still up every 3-4 hours and the only way he'll go back to sleep is to nurse. Just looking to hear that he will eventually sleep from those BTDT mamas!

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    Default Re: Reoccurring mastitis and sleep questions

    Mastitis 10 times in 15 months? Ouch. My first thought is that you may not have taken the right antibiotics. It's really common for women to be prescribed the same antibiotic or similar antibiotics every time they go in to the doc. But you could be harboring a resistant strain of bacteria, in which case you would need a different antibiotic. I'd suggest getting a culture of your milk done, and see if the bacteria you have are completely responsive to the antibiotics you are on.

    Your LO will eventually STTN, I promise! My girls didn't at that age- they were still up 1-2 times to nurse- but by age 2 they turned into perfect sleepers.

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