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Thread: Need to Pump a Bottle at 5 Weeks...and then infrequently

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    Default Need to Pump a Bottle at 5 Weeks...and then infrequently

    Hey all! Long time since I've been here. I just weaned my 2nd child in January 2012 after 2 years of BF..and had my 3rd child December 7. I've been exclusively breastfeeding since birth. I pumped some with my 2nd child but don't remember the "rules" of when or how to pump an occasional bottle.

    I have a history of a Pulmonary Embolism/Blood Clot that required me to take Heparin injections the entire pregnancy. I must go to the follow up appt around the 5-6 week mark postpartum. The appt is located in a Cancer Center/Dialysis lab where I can NOT bring the baby in the lab area where I'll be. I have to pump a bottle. (I'm explaining the background because I realize a lot of these posts ask the mom why not bring the baby). Of course in the future I'm interested in date nights also where I would like to have a bottle once in a while for the grandma.

    Basically I need to pump that one single bottle at 5 weeks. Then after that I would like to pump just the infrequent bottle here and there for date nights, etc. I forgot the rules. Do I pump after a feeding? Or do I wait an hour after a feeding? How do I "make up" the pumped bottle? Thanks for the guidance. I did Google this but I can't seem to find info on a mom who just wants to pump once in a while, not daily.
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    Default Re: Need to Pump a Bottle at 5 Weeks...and then infrequently

    If you just need a little stash you could take the opportunity to pump when/if baby misses a feeding, like if s/he sleeps through a nursing session or whatever. This is probably something to think about for future nights out, rather than your upcoming doc's appointment, since your baby is so little right now s/he's probably eating pretty frequently and not settled into much of a routine. For now I'd suggest you pump for ten minutes or so after nursing here and there. I wouldn't do it every time, you don't want to give yourself oversupply, but once or twice a day, maybe in the morning when most moms' supplies are at their highest. You won't get much at a time, but it will add up and you can put it together to make a bottle.
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    Default Re: Need to Pump a Bottle at 5 Weeks...and then infrequently

    Hi mama, congrats on your new arrival! Best time to pump is in the morning when your breasts are fullest. Fine to pump immediately after the feed, or a little later - but at this age they eat so frequently, I always found it easiest just to pump immediately after. You'll need about an ounce per hour apart from baby so if the appt will take 3 hours (for example), you'll need 3-4 ounces. You should pump to make up for any missed feedings, so if she feeds once during that time, pump once. You may get more than you would if you were pumping at the end of a feeding - stick that in the fridge and it becomes your next bottle for date night! Or you can use the same method in the week leading up to your date.

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    Default Re: Need to Pump a Bottle at 5 Weeks...and then infrequently

    Welcome back and congrats on the new baby! I hope everything went okay with the birth? I know that clotting problems can make it terrifyingly life-threatening!

    Best way to get the milk you need is usually to choose a single time of day to pump, and to pump right after a feeding. Most moms choose to pump right after the first morning feed, because most moms have the most spare milk at that time. If your supply is currently overabundant, stop after pumping after just an oz or two- you don't want excess stimulation/milk removal to send your supply into overdrive. If your supply is already closely matched to baby's needs, don't be afraid to pump a little extra. Doing this every day or even every other day may rapidly give you more than enough for your appointment and any future date nights. If your freezer starts to get overfull, back off on the pumping.

    At 5-6 weeks, if breastfeeding is going well and your supply is good, you can probably skip a single feeding without needing to make up for it by hauling your pump along with you. If your supply is good, your body is unlikely to get thrown off by missing one feeding. If your supply isn't good, however, you're going to want to bring your pump with you to the appointment and pump around 2-3 oz (or whatever you can) to make up for the missed nursing session.

    I totally understand why you can't take a 6 week old baby into a cancer/dialysis center. But if you have any trouble getting the bottle you need, or your baby is reluctant to take a bottle, remember that you can still bring the baby in the car and have someone wait with him/her while you're at your appointment.

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