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    I am new to this forum and i have some questions reguarding employment laws and breastfeeding. I have a 11 week old and have remained in close contact with my previous supervisor. She knew i was planning on exclusively breastfeeding my child and when we discussed what hours I could work we were able to come up with a acceptable schedule. The general manager then called me to say that i could only come back if I worked a schedule involving 10 hour shifts with no breaks and lunch. I obviously did not accept this offer and voiced why I could not. He contested my unemployment which has been denied now by the unemployment officials. I have requested a hearing. This violates Oregon State laws but what can i do?

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    I don't think I quite understand what happened. They offered you a schedule that wouldn't accommodate pumping, so you quit? I think that's different than "they won't accommodate my pumping breaks" and still working for them. Maybe I misunderstood?
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