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Thread: sore nipples at 3 weeks, clicking noise

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    Unhappy sore nipples at 3 weeks, clicking noise

    I've been breastfeeding my newborn for 3 weeks. More recently, she makes a loud clicking noise during feedings. My nipple sometimes is pancaked when she is done or has a line down the middle. She is harder to latch by myself as she likes to suck on her hands instead of going for the nipple. My nipples feel like they are stinging when she's done and a sharper pain during her nursing. Any ideas if the clicking is positional due to a poor latch or due to milk let down?

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    Clicking when feeding often stems from a rapid letdown of milk. The click is the result of baby using her tongue to slow the milk flow. Fast milk flow usually stems from high supply. So, are you noticing any of the following symptoms of high supply:
    - frequent feelings of fullness or engorgement
    - able to pump multiple oz of milk with ease, if you are pumping
    - frequent leaking
    - strong letdown sensations (may feel like a tingling or a pins and needles sensation)
    - fast feedings p, maybe 10 minutes or less
    - baby pulls off the breast while feeding
    - if baby pulls off the breast while nursing, you may see milk squirt or stream from the breast
    - baby chokes, coughs, gags, or splutters while nursing
    - baby's poops may be greenish or green
    - baby may gain weight extremely well

    If you're not seeing any or many of the above, then there are some other possibilities to explain the clicking. You can have fast letdowns without oversupply, and often babies click just with normal letdowns, because small babies have trouble with nursing even at the best of times. Tongue tie would be another possibility, and a TT would explain the pancaked nipples and the pain. However, if this is a TT it's strange that the clicking/nipple compression is only cropping up now.

    The stinging pain sounds like it's likely the result of the compression of the nipple. Do you ever see the nipple blanch (turn white) or blanch, then turn bluish purple, and then return to a normal color?

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    Thank you for your reply. I am having several of the rapid letdown symptoms including feelings of fullness, esp on the left, leaking esp on the left, fast feedings (although she will stay at the breast until I take her off or she falls asleep if allowed) - the sound of her swallowing usually abates in about ten minutes, she occasionally gags while feeding, and did gain about 8 oz per week. The nipple can get compressed and I've been trying to get a wider latch from her. The middle of my nipple still gets some white irritated tissue that will eventually callous. Any ideas to help with these issues?

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    Okay, if baby will stay on the breast at the conclusion of the feeding, that may indicate that the oversupply/fast letdowns aren't so extreme. When there's extreme oversupply, babies often become "business only" nursers, and dislike comfort nursing.

    The first thing I would try is reclined nursing positions. You can lean back in a chair or even lie on your back with baby belly to belly with you. Reclined positions enlist gravity to slow milk flow, and that can make nursing more comfortable for the baby and reduce the baby's need to shallow up her latch and compress the nipple. (Compressing the nipple is like crimping a straw as you drink from a glass- it slows milk flow.)

    The second thing I would do is to see a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC. I'd like someone to take a good look at the baby's tongue- again, tongue-tie could be causing the issues you're having- and help you with positioning.

    The third thing I would encourage you to do is to be patient. Nursing almost always improves as the baby grows. A bigger baby can manage a fast flow of milk without needing to compress the nipple, and a bigger mouth almost always means a better latch.

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    thank you for the advice! I will try the reclined feeding positions. We have an IBCLC at the hospital that I will follow up with on her tongue.

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