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    I am running out to the mall and my DH will probably need to feed DD. If I miss a nursing session will I need to pump when I get home or will my supply dip from a missed feeding? DD is 10 wks now. She almost never gets a bottle but I don't want to bring her out (there is an influenza outbreak in the community)
    Also, if the baby feeds on an emptier breast(s) I read there is more hindmilk - if this is true does she get full quicker because of the fattier milk?
    One last question, when I pump after DD eats I feel like it throws off my breastmilk production for the rest of the day and I am constantly playing catch up and DD acts like there is not enough. Is this is my head? I don't pump until im right empty (only about an 1-1.5oz per breast).

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    Can you take baby with you to the mall, and carry her in a sling? If she is snuggled right up next to you, it's pretty safe. People who might lean in and touch/cough on a baby in a carrier are usually more reticent when baby is in a sling, because touching the baby would mean invading the adult's personal space.

    When a baby feeds on emptier breasts, the milk is higher in fat than when the baby feeds on fuller breasts. The trade-off is that the milk volume is lower and the flow tends to be slower, so it may take baby longer to get full.

    I think that the "thrown-off" production is probably in your head. The post-feeding pumping you are doing is minimal, and should not do anything to your supply aside from increasing it in the longer term, particularly if you are doing it consistently.

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    If anything , pumping after feeding will increase your supply rather than decrease your supply. I would pump 1st thing in the morning when you get up to pee if I had a choice.

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