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Thread: Feel like I'm getting a plugged duct...

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    Default Feel like I'm getting a plugged duct...

    Hi everyone!
    It's been a while since I've posted...which is good I guess cause everything's been GREAT! But I noticed this evening that I feel like I'm getting a plugged duct in my right breast (same place as about 2 months ago, and that time it led to a brief stint of mastitis...ugh!). My DD is 7mo today and just finished her 2 week-long 6 month growth spurt, and I think my body is just not as quick to respond to her wanting less milk the last two days. She was nursing like crazy all the time for about two weeks and yesterday just seemed to not need to nurse nearly as much, plus she may have only woken up twice to nurse last night(and did the same when I got the other plugged duct before...).
    Just wondering if anyone else has had this same problem...? And can I prevent a plugged duct, even with a very distractible 7mo baby girl? Haha

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    Default Re: Feel like I'm getting a plugged duct...

    Doesn't hurt to try to massage out the plug, compresses, hand expressing in the shower, gravity nursing (ie, dangling breast over your LO - if she will nurse in that position) - all the things you would do to deal with a full-blown plugged duct. It's a good idea to try to deal with it before it becomes mastitis!

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    Default Re: Feel like I'm getting a plugged duct...

    Good advice from the PP.

    Sometimes plugs pop up when babies are teething and distracted and are getting sloppy with their latch. Making sure the baby gets the best possible latch every time is the one of the best ways to prevent plugs.

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