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    How long did it take you ladies to relactate? I stopped breast feeding when my baby was 1.5 month old. Started again when she was 3 months, she will be 4 months on Jan 13th. I get some drops and just able to fill just the very bottom of the container, but I was just wondering how long it took you guys to get back your full supply. I had a very good supply when I first started breast feeding, lost the supply because I was SO very stressed with going back to work. We started to use formula and just got too used to it, I was sad every single day that I wasn't breast feeding.

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    My LC told me that it usually takes 2x as long to regain supply as it does to lose it, but I am not sure I'd believe that unquestioningly. With most things related to breastfeeding, the answer is different for every mom.

    Are you nursing and upping, or just pumping? And if you're just pumping, what make/model of pump are you using and how often are you using it? Often moms get really discouraged by lack of success with the pump, and the problem is often that they are using a machine which is inadequate for their needs.

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