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Thread: Baby led and MSPI and my reluctance

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    Default Baby led and MSPI and my reluctance

    So my pediatrician gave the go ahead to start solids at my son's 6 month visit. He was born a month early, so he's 5 months adjusted. He's hitting the 5 month fine motor skills, and the 4 month skills in gross motor. He can remain upright for a little bit in a sitting position, but not for a long time. He has hypotonia and just found out mild scoliosis too. He receives early intervention services.

    The OT is really pushing introducing solids, claiming texture issues if we "wait too long".

    I don't feel he's ready. He majorly spits up every time he "sits" (could be the diaper presses so hard on his belly because of the lower tone, but I don't know). He's just really started handling toys more adeptly, and he's had MSPI for a long time, and only a 6 weeks since the last time I accidentally ate something with dairy or soy. So I want to give his intestines and digestive system more time to mature.

    He fluxutates between the 98th and over percentiles for height and weight-so he is growing well on breastmilk alone.

    I'm not ready either. I love nursing him. The idea of him weaning (the gradual weaning) makes me so sad, and starting solids is the start of weaning.

    So couple questions: Are my emotions typical? Does waiting until 8 months or so to begin any complementary foods cause texture issues (or nutritional)? Does my son fit readiness?

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    Default Re: Baby led and MSPI and my reluctance

    Your thoughts and feelings sounds COMPLETELY reasonable. First of all, he's not sitting well. So some people would not even think about offering solids until that occurs. Second, he's had some food intolerance. Another reason to delay. Third of all, his adjusted age isn't even 6 months yet, which again many breastfeeding moms will wait until that point to introduce solids. And it doesn't sound like he is particularly eager to go for solids. Nutritionally, all he needs up to a year is your milk. Solids before a year is to start learning how to handle food, start learning about new tastes and textures. But waiting another month or two until he is really ready is not going to interfere with that process.
    I'm not sure what your OT means about "texture issues." That he won't like the texture of food if you wait another month? Seems really unlikely.
    Even perfectly healthy breastfed babies are not necessarily excited about solids at six months. My son cried when we offered him his first bite of solids at six months and was really not interested in solids at all for many months after that.

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    Default Re: Baby led and MSPI and my reluctance

    I agree. I think you should go with your gut on this one. If you really don't feel he's ready, and it seems like you have some valid points about why you feel that way, trust your instincts. I think your OT is probably off-base about the texture thing, it's not like you're saying you're not going to give him solids until he's two years old or anything, you just want to hold off a couple more months until you feel like he's ready, right? I don't think that's going to hurt anything.

    FWIW, my son (also allergic to a number of foods) was taken off all solids at nine months (he wasn't eating all that many at the time anyway) and didn't start back on solids until he was a year and then we did it very very slowly. He's never had a problem with textures. I know, totally anecdotal and not the same situation at all, but I thought I'd throw that out there. I've known of kids who did have texture issues, but it was typically related to sensory issues in general and not necessarily the timing of introducing solids.
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    Default Re: Baby led and MSPI and my reluctance

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*still.here View Post
    I've known of kids who did have texture issues, but it was typically related to sensory issues in general and not necessarily the timing of introducing solids.
    I don't think there's any evidence showing a relationship between texture issues and the timing of solids introduction. I think it's a myth that has infiltrated the medical community- one of those "well, everyone knows that" sort of things that have no basis in fact.
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    Default Re: Baby led and MSPI and my reluctance

    Thanks ladies! I'll continue to tell the OT that I'd like the motor delay to be the focus of therapy, and not his eating. And we'll do solids when I think he is ready.

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