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Thread: Breast pain, no obvious cause- need med?

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    Default Breast pain, no obvious cause- need med?

    I've been EBF my 5 mo with no problems since birth. Yesterday afternoon I noticed some slight pain in one breast by my nipple area, when she latched on my whole breast started hurting. It's been the same through the night and today. I don't really want to go to the doctor/LC. Will this pain go away on its own DYT? I didn't have any clogged ducts- just came out of no where.
    I've never had thrush with any of my kids, so not sure what that's supposed to feel like, but I did have infections before but don't remember what they felt like...

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    Default Re: Breast pain, no obvious cause- need med?


    When you say it's been the same, do you mean that the pain is still slight and localized when you're not nursing and it spreads through the whole breast when you latch your baby on?

    Do you see anything that looks like a bleb?
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