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Thread: Pressure to wean already

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    Default Pressure to wean already

    Okay I plan to nurse my dd till she is at least 18-24 months. We are not starting selective shots until then. But get this I'm already getting pressure to wean. My dd is only 4 months old now. What do I say to people when they ask me when I plan to wean? A lot if it comes from my mom but I'm not sure that isn't because she has never been able to nurse any of her babies. Any advise would be appreciated
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    Default Re: Pressure to wean already

    Some possible responses:

    "We'll wean when we're both ready. Right now we're just really enjoying this fleeting period in DD's life. Now, how about those Yankees?"

    "You know, weaning is very personal. It's between me and my baby. May I ask why you're so interested in what I do with my breasts?"

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    Default Re: Pressure to wean already

    I think it depends on who is asking and why. Yes sometimes people ask this question because they think there is something wrong with nursing longer than (fill in the blank) Or because they figure the child will need/love THEM more if mom weans (this can be an issue with grandparents and even dads sometimes.) And sometimes people genuinely are curious because they have never seen a baby nursed for more than a few months-if that! if it's an inquiry in the form of a question, maybe simply "why do you ask?" and their response will let you know what track to take - educating, reassuring, myob, whatever.

    Certainly there is no need to answer with a specific age. After all, you don’t really know, certainly not at this point. Here are some simple statements for nosy parkers you want to give some response to but don’t want a lengthy conversation.

    "It is recommended a child nurses until they outgrow the need." This covers things nicely and vaguely. This is what LLL recommends, by the way.

    “The World Health Organization suggests children should nurse until they are at least two or older.”

    “The American Academy of Pediatrics states children should breastfeed until at least one year or older.”

    The (ideally very long) weaning process actually begins once baby takes any solid food, even though baby is needing pretty much just as much breastmilk as ever for about the first year at least. But you could say something like “Oh I think I’ll start introducing solids sometime after 6 months or so.”

    I got this question a few times with my oldest at this age, since most of my friends had weaned already or did wean prior to 6 months. I said "are you kidding? I'm finally getting this thing figured out! I am not even thinking about stopping!"
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