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    We started baby Led weaning at 6 months LO is now 7.5. I always nurse her prior to solids. She is doing great we just started adding in dinner. She see's us eating and she then wants to eat. She also get's a few sips of water with meals. We use the Zoli straw cup. So everything was going well. I guess now that she has a full belly she is sleeping through the night. So momma has mixed emotions. I already miss my two night time feedings. Plus this brought on menstral cycle . I want to nurse for as long as possible even if that means she needs to stand on a stool

    Is it all going to be alright or should I pull back some of the food?

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    Would you say that breastmik still makes up the majority of her nutrition? If so, then you're doing just fine. As long as you FEEL fine about your baby's solids intake. It's okay to want to keep her more reliant on breastmilk for a while longer.

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