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Thread: Medela Softfit Breastshields

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    Default Medela Softfit Breastshields

    With my first baby I used a single Medela Swing and t came with softfit breastshield. This time I upgraded to a double pump (In Style Advance) but it came with hard shields which I hate. Apparently Medela disconitinued making the softshields and where I can find them (ebay) they are upwards of $50-$60. I do have one of the old soft shield but it is pretty warped. Anyone have any suggestions on where to find a soft shield for cheaper? Not sure if other brands use the softshield and if they would fit. I start back to work full time next week and need to make sure I am maximizing my pumping sessions as I won't have a ton of time to pump.

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    I looked for them too at my local nursing supply store. Apparently the Medela softshields became unpopular because of the seam between the plastic outer part and the silicon inner part, which was located in a spot that would rub & irritate the aureola. The saleswoman recommended Pumpin Pals instead (which you can find on Amazon for about $15/pair). They aren't silicon, but they are angled and seem to have less friction than the ones that come with the Medela pumps. I have been very happy with them.

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    Yes, the SoftFit are no longer made. Sometimes you can find them on ebay or amazon. I agree that the Pumpin Pals are a good alternative.

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