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Thread: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

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    Default Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    If you didn't try to hasten night-weaning in your child and just allowed him/her to stop nursing at night at his/her own pace, when did it happen for you?

    My daughter is now 14 months old and we are down to 2/3 nursing sessions at night (on a good non-teething, non-sickness night), so I'm wondering what my STTN expectations should be.

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    Default Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    2.9 years old. When he started preschool. He was both much more exhausted AND we found that my leaving his sleep space, he didn't smell it and without smelling it, didn't wake.

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    Default Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    she was prob 2 1/2. She still sleeps next to me in my room, but now if she wakes instead of coming in the bed to nurse, she will just look at me and fall back to sleep!

    My son was about 1 1/2 but wasnt nursed due to his cleft lip and palate.
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    Default Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    I think each one will be different. My first was between 2 1/2 to 3. My second is almost 3 1/2 and wakes to nurse as much as the baby (10m).

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    Default Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    DS quit nursing at 13 months, but still needed a bottle once a night until he was probably 16 months at 2.5 he just reciently started STTN though.
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    Default Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    DS will be 2 at the end of February, and he doesn't STTN yet. He wakes up 3-5 times a night and wants to nurse.
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    Default Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    This makes me laugh and feel much better. On Facebook Medela had posted a poll asking the same thing a amazingly many women said their babies sleep thru the night. Many even saying since as young as 5 weeks! I was thinking these ppl are either lying or supplementing with formula or something. Occasionally I will have a nursing mom at the clinic where I work say their baby sleeps thru the night too and I warn them that isn't really a good idea with the real little ones. I figure I'm lucky if they nurse and then fall right back to sleep.

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    Default Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    Lilah started sleeping through the night somewhere around 2, although we did night-wean her. Trixie will be two in three weeks () and she does not sleep through the night. She has started sleeping from 8 pm to 1 am though, and then I think she might only wake up one more time after that, I'm not sure. She falls asleep on her own, DH started doing her bedtime with Lilah's a couple weeks ago. I don't consider that hastening towards night-weaning, but you might. I'm also going to start leaving her bed after she falls back asleep over the Xmas holiday to see if we all get better sleep that way.

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    Default Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    My son was 32-34mo, after his 2y molars came in. He selfnightweaned and began STTN rather quickly in that period. Of course, that meant no lingering in bed. He slept ten hours and was DONE. And he gave up napping around 2y, so that meant for loooooong days.

    I EP for DD (she has feeding issues). She STTN from a very young (adjusted) age. She recently starting waking once to feed in the wee hours. I suppose it's a sleep regression, but she needs to eat more than she does, so I'm not complaining.
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    Default Re: Poll: when did your toddler started STTN?

    My DD just started STTN at 15 months. It took me going out of town on a business trip for 2 nights to spur it on. And that was three weeks ago and she STTN only sporadically. Some nights she is still up several times, others she doesn't wake at all. I thought there was no way it would happen so soon. When cosleeping she was awake and nursing every 2 hours.

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