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Thread: pumping for 1 week now

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    I just started pumping to slowly build up by stock pile and to slowly increase my milk supply. As of now I am only pumping maybe once or twice a day after my daughter feeds, he is almost 3 weeks old. I am pumping for 15-20 mins and I am only getting a max 1 oz total out in one session. There are times that I barely get out 1/2 an ounce. There also seems to be more breast milk being pumped out of my left breast. My left breast is the one which I am using a breast shield for because of pain during nursing. I am trying to wean off the breast shield but have been unsuccessful at this time. I will continue to attempt to not use the nipple shield. Is it normal to get more milk out of one breast then the other or is because of the use of the nipple shield in my case?

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    It's very normal to have differences in supply between breasts. Human beings aren't perfectly symmetrical, after all! It's a little odd that you get more milk from the left, considering that you have pain and must use a shield on that side; pain often indicates a latch problem, and a latch problem and shield use can both decrease stimulation to the breast and consequently lead to reduced milk supply.

    Are you trying to build a stash for a return to work, or are you just going to be leaving the occasional bottle for a sitter? Your pumping output is pretty normal, since you're starting slow and pumping after a feeding instead of in place of a feeding. If you were pumping instead of nursing, you'd likely get a lot more milk.

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    Yes I'm trying to slowly build a stash for when I return to work, I'm planning on exclusively breast feeding until then. I thought it odd as well that I get more milk from the left considering I am using a shield. I do know my daughter is getting milk cause when she unlatches there is milk in the shield and she does have the normal number of wet and dirty diapers.

    I actually attempted again to breast feed without the nipple shield and the pain was unbearable that I had to put the shield back on. I know my daughter is having trouble with her latch especially because the pain feels like its due to her bottom gum being on the nipple instead of the areola. I am also pumping because I do not want there to be reduced milk supply to the left breast because of decrease stimulation with nipple shield use. I was told by a friend to actually pump for 15-20 mins after every feeding. /is that something I should do to help increase my milk supply?

    One thing I am concerned about is if I feed my daughter then pump both breast for 15-20 mins and as soon as I am done pumping she is hungry again, do I still have milk in my breasts to satisfy her?

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    Is there a reason, other than the use of the nipple shield, that you're concerned about low supply? How has her weight gain been, how many wet/dirty diapers in a 24-hour period? As for having a stash for when you return to work, you shouldn't need all that much: while you're working, you should be pumping at the times of missed feedings and using that for the next day's bottles. And your breasts are never completely empty. If your LO wants to eat after you pump, it shouldn't be a problem...your body will just make more

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    This is my first time exclusively breastfeeding. With my son I was young and did not really try. My LO has like 8-10 maybe even more wet diapers a day and 4-6 dirty ones. I am a nurse so I know she is hydrated but I'm just wondering if it's normal to only pump a max of 1oz total in 15-20 mins? My LO is also already back at her birth weight. I just want my stash to be more than enough because better to have too much then not enough right?

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    Yes, it's normal to get 1 oz total when you're just starting off pumping. It takes time for your body to get used to pumping. Also, remember when you're working, you'll be pumping instead of a feed, rather than on top of a feed. For now, shoot for that first day. Which you'll need 1 to 1.5 ounces per hour apart from baby. So if you're going to be apart for 10 hours, you need between 10 and 15 ounces. Even if you're only getting 1 oz per day, in two weeks you'll have enough. You don't want to overdo it with the pumping while you're still nursing full-time (especially this early on) because you can get into oversupply issues. Once a day is fine for most moms to build up what they need for return to work. What time of day are you pumping? You make the most milk in the morning, so that's the best time for the extra pumping session. Pumping at the same time each day also helps.
    Are you working with a lactation consultant to help with your painful latch? Preferably an IBCLC?

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