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Thread: Is this bottle still good?

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    Default Is this bottle still good?


    I rarely give a bottle to my 8 week old so I'm not quite sure if this one is still okay to give her.

    I pumped and froze 2.5oz, my MIL thawed it to give to her 2 days ago, but my LO didn't take it so she put it in the fridge. Today my DH tried to give it to her, but she preferred the breast and it has been sitting out for 2 hours now. We were going to try and give it to her at her next feeding, but I'm not sure if the milk is still okay. Can someone please help and let me know if it's safe to offer to her or if I need to dump it out?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Is this bottle still good?

    Dump it. Rule of thumb is frozen milk can be in the fridge of only up to 24hours and only OUT for up to 4hours. That is probably why she wouldn't take it today. It probably already tasted off.

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