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Thread: Need help with 6wk old

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    Default Need help with 6wk old

    My daughter is six wks old and started out breast feeding great and gaining weight. The past few days she has been squirmy at the breast and comes off often. When she does, she usually burps and spits up a little. It is difficult to get her to latch on again and continue to eat. She sometimes only feeds for a total of 8-10 minutes. Any ideas on what's going on or advice for me?

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    Welcome to the boards! Does she seem to be satisfied after she comes off the breast? This just may be a time to offer more frequently for a few days.
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    8-10 minute feedings may be entirely normal. A lot of babies reach a point at which they get their nutritional needs met very quickly and efficiently, feeding in as little as 10 minutes or less. Often this happens when mom has a lot of milk. Are you seeing signs of oversupply, like any of the following:
    - frequent feelings of fullness or engorgement
    - frequent leaking
    - strong letdown sensation
    - able to pump multiple oz of milk with ease (if you are pumping)
    - when baby pulls off breast during feeding, milk may squirt or stream from the breast
    - baby chokes, coughs, gags, splutters, or makes a clicking/clucking sound while nursing

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