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Thread: Help - soooo close to giving up: 6 week old

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    Default Help - soooo close to giving up: 6 week old

    My son had a hard time latching at the hospital, post birth. We gave him a bottle to help with the weight gain, upon the insistence of the hospital. Long slide south ensued - he's got nipple confusion, can't nurse properly at the breast. I pump and feed, formula feed too as it seems impossible to keep ahead of his demand.
    It's this cycle of try to nurse, try, try, switch breasts, positions, pump to get the milk flowing then try, etc. he falls asleep, I wake him, try, he doesn't get enough milk (or any?) so he screams, becomes enraged, won't nurse at all. I get engorged, have to formula feed him since I don't have expressed stock, then pump and feed again after I've fed him some formula just to calm him down.
    I have two other kids - 4 years old and 2 years old - and very, very little help. I am also going through some PPD and trying to stay somewhat even keeled.
    I don't want to give up but I don't know how to make this work.
    Also - my husband is really upset with me that this isn't coming together and that added pressure from him plus his anger when he has to feed the baby while I pump or whatever doesn't help. I'm going away next week and will be with my family, so i will have a lot of support and will be able to have a week to pretty much exclusively focus on this

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    Default Re: Help - soooo close to giving up: 6 week old

    Have you spoken to a IBCLC? I would suggest that you do, to help with your latching and tricks to keep baby awake.

    I agree that having 2 other kids makes it more difficult (from one Mom of 3 to another ). However I found that including them, talking about the baby, how he's hungry, what will make him happy, having them sit beside you and help. It helps in attempting to coral them.

    When baby falls asleep you can do 2 things:
    - let him sleep and attempt again when he wakes up
    - wake him and continue trying

    How is his diaper output? How is his weight gain? If you feel that you've gotten a good latch and he may have had a good feeding, it's okay to let him sleep. Let him go a little while and then try again. At this tender age, he won't be down for long. My girls all nursed every 2 - 3 hours at that age. I wouldn't go any longer than 3 hours though.

    If you've decided to wake him, things that help may be to have a damp cloth on hand. That way you can gently wipe his face to wake him. If you've got him bundled up, unwrap him. All warm and snuggly induces sleep. Try to give him a good burping. Sometimes that will help too.

    Please do get some help from an IBCLC or LC. They'll be the best to assess your situation, assess the baby's latch and give you some helpful tips that will apply to you two specifically.

    I'm sorry your husband isn't being supportive. It may help for him to hear from the IBCLC as well. So that he can be given some tips of how to help (and not increase your stress). You deserve support during this time.
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