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Thread: tongue tie release baby only sucking on nipple please help

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    Unhappy tongue tie release baby only sucking on nipple please help

    Hi Ladies

    My baby is 6 weeks old now and all this time had a tongue tie that wasnt spotted by any of the so called health care professionals including 2 lactation consultants and 2 breast feeding support workers.

    Long story short I was being told I had a great latch etc etc and it all looks like its going well, but my latch was far from perfect . LO used to fall asleep after 5 mins on the
    breast after my letdown. Because I was told all was well I stopped pumping and because baby wasnt latched on correctly Ive got low milk supply . Ive taken up pumping again...

    (I had to pump in the beggining as LO wouldnt even open her mouth at all.)

    The latch that I was told looked great my baby was only sucking on my nipple and she wouldnt open her mouth wide enough to take in anything else.
    Now she is able to open her mouth she still wont take in more than just my nipple. From the outside it looks like shes latched on correctly , but if you look from the side you can see shes only on my nipple.

    When shes taken in some of the areola underneath shes struggled and adjusted herself so that shes back to just being on my nipple.

    Its been 4 days since the tongue tie release and there hasnt been any improvement in her latch can someone pleeeease help , Im so close to giving up .

    Feeding times are a constant struggle with both of us in tears . How can I get her to take more than just my nipple!
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    Default Re: tongue tie release baby only sucking on nipple please he

    Here is what I did. My ds had a tongue tie that we got fixed. You will have to excuse typos as i'm nursing my 7 wk old beauty at the moment Lay baby in whatever nursing position is most comfortable for you and support the back of her head. Hand express a little bit of milk and rub your nipple to her lips to give her a taste of what you have for her When she opens her mouth real wide quickly push her head toward your breast. It may take a few times but don't give up. If you have bigger breasts, ( I do) it may help to hold the breast. Latch problems can be fixed. It takes time, and patience. When she does latch incorrectly insert your pinky to the corner of her mouth and try again. You could also try the breast sandwich. Youtube breast sanswich and there are several good videos to show you how it is done. hope this helps.

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    Default Re: tongue tie release baby only sucking on nipple please he

    My DS had tongue tie as well. I used to gently pull down on his chin before latching him on, so his mouth was WIDE open, and say "Open big!" (or some variant) and THEN latch him on. If he tried to slide down, I'd pop him off, repeat the chin maneuver, and latch him again. Eventually he got to the point where all I had to say was "open big".

    Please be sure that you're doing the exercises to keep her tongue free. Scar tissue can cause a recurrent tongue tie, which would then need to be released again. (There's an awesome video of the exercises here, in case you weren't given any.)
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    Default Re: tongue tie release baby only sucking on nipple please he

    There are some links somewhere for the breast sandwich and the flippel ( I think) technique. Both of mine had TT and both took several weeks to a couple of months to really improve their latch. DS never did get a great latch and hardly ever had more than my nipple but we never had transfer issues either
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