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Thread: 8 mos old nursing less

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    Default 8 mos old nursing less

    i posted last week a thread on the pacifier possibly causing nursing problems with juniper and myself. every response was helpful!

    i spoke with an LC this afternoon over the phone, we can't get in for an appt until next week.
    i told the LC that juniper only wanted to nurse 5-7 times per day, and cries and arches away and only takes pacifier when i try nursing her more often. say i try feeding her every 3 hours, she HATES me, and wants the pacifier.
    i think i am trying to feed her too much.
    i think she simply doesn't need more than 5-7. i think she is pissed at me because she isn't hungry.
    you know the saying "watch the baby, not the clock"? i think it works both ways.
    i was cramming my boob down her throat every 2.5 hours because i kept reading that a baby of this age needs nursing at LEAST 7-10 times per day, and more.

    i think some babies, when they get older, don't need to nurse like that. esp since she gets 2 tbsp or so of purees at dinner time when hubs and i eat.

    thoughts? please encourage me... i don't want to doubt juniper's signals!!

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    Default Re: 8 mos old nursing less

    The reason you read that most 8 month old babies need at least 8 feedings per day is that most of them do. But your baby is not most babies! You know her best, and if she is very clearly telling you that she doesn't need that many nursing sessions, it's okay- as long as she is gaining weight normally.

    Are you still working on eliminating the pacifier?

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    Default Re: 8 mos old nursing less

    oh very much yes! we are only doing pacifier to fall asleep for naps and through the night. we are keeping them in the crib only! though, we are using them to lure her in to the breast for the next few days, but only until we've gotten our situation under control. -the LC should help us with this. i figure, no matter what our problem is, pacifier, forced feedings., whatever it is, the tootsie has to go! it can't be doing any good! we let her use tootsie completely unrestricted. she always had that thing in her mouth. it is going to be a slow wean from it, but i have my mind SET!

    putting her to bed tonight was WAY less stressful than normal. usually i get her to nurse before she sleeps. it is an hour long struggle with tears and me getting frusterated because she doesn't want to eat. eventually she eats a little, passes out, and we're all stressed. tonight i rocked her, she gently fell asleep an hour earlier than normal. i am really feeling like this could help our lives be easier.
    i feel like hours of my day were wasted forcing her to nurse.

    you don't think it is dangerous to allow her to eat when she wants, instead of going by the clock? (as you can tell, this is my first time nursing so i'm super unsure of myself)...
    she is pretty chunky, and has never been a thin or too small baby. she's thick.

    interested to hear anyone's thoughts!

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    Default Re: 8 mos old nursing less

    Hi lizeckel, my LO just turned 9 mo. Some days she hits 8 feedings per 24 hours but others she does not - yesterday for example she had 6 feedings. She consistently has three bottles of EBM while I'm at work, and nurses before bed, in the morning, and one other time at night. And then she has variable number of additional night awakenings - sometimes just wakes the one time at night, sometimes an additional 2 or 3 times - so therefore her total number will be anywhere between 6 and 8+. She's been following this pattern for quite a while. Like mommal said, while there's a normal pattern that MOST babies follow, not ALL babies do, or at least not all of the time. I also know that my milk production and storage capacity is not typical (I'm still dealing with oversupply issues at 9 months!) so I'm sure that has something to do with it. Anyway, at this age, if your baby is gaining well, peeing, and happy, I don't think you have to worry as much about the exact number - like you say, look at your baby, not the clock. Mainly just posting to tell you that your baby is not the only baby out there who is not consistently having 8+ feedings/day! And if for some reason she's not getting enough with 5-7 at some point - she'll let you know, and demand more.

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