Now that I'm back to work, once a week my baby is watched by my MIL and husband. Well, she is again refusing the bottle (just turned 5 months). She also has been more fussy for them today and they think missing me because they showed her a picture of me with her and she seemed happy...then tried to eat the picture. We first discovered that she liked her milk warm at 98 deg but I guess today that wasn't helping so my husband texted me and said they heated it to 120! I told him that was was too hot and she could burn her mouth but he said it felt fine against his skin and she drank the bottle without issue. So either it wasn't that hot or she's got a mouth of steel. Either way, I told him to keep it lower at 98 because the milk will never come out of my boobs at 120 and I don't need to deal with a baby who won't nurse because my milk is no longer hot enough. So what is the highest safe temp? When I first went back to work, MiL watched her up to 2-3x per week but changes at work has allowed me to bring her with me so she was only being watched once per week since thanksgiving. I have noticed that even when she is with me, she is no longer content being held by others and must either be held by me or have me in her sight. Is this just a normal regression that goes with the development of stranger anxiety?