I had the same thing with my 3 month old when she was 8 days old. One of my nipples was a raw bloody giant sore that would leave me crying while she was eating. I learned that keeping some sort of cream ( I used earth mama ) on it with a nursing pad really helped . Also youtube the flippe tech. It saved me and my dd nursing relationship. Basically squeeze just behind the areola so the boob becomes flat and put the bottom in first and flip the rest in so that the baby gets a good mouthful with the majority of the bottom in. Also make sure she is not sucking her bottom lip in by looking under neath the breast. She should have "fish" lips. I feel for y'all but please don't give up. I wouldn't trade nursing for anything !!! I would also take a 500mg Tylenol 15-20min before nursing ( I took one every 2-3 hrs. ). It helps with the pain tremendously. I pumped my bad breast for two days but remember to try to get as much out as possible it can really affect her supply in a bad way if enough is not taken out. When I was encouraged u would stand in a warm shower and let the water run over my hurting breast. It felt wonderful and helped relieved some of the fullness so that my baby could get a better latch because my boobs were soft