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Thread: Need some help northern mamas

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    Sniffles aren't directly caused by cold air. It's a virus passing around. So wash hands a lot, don't allow them to share cups, etc. Same as anywhere else.

    I don't nurse outside in the winter. I go inside. Besides, babe is way too distractible at that age. There are some places I just don't need cold air! LOL

    For outside, dress baby warmly, put her in the wrap. See if you can buy a large polar fleece vest. You can typically find them cheap. Put it on over both you and baby. If it's really cold, you can also try putting a blanket wrapped around them and then the vest over them. You then put on a coat and you should be okay. If it's terribly cold, just go inside. No one expects your baby to be outside in bad weather.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*amysmom View Post
    Sniffles aren't directly caused by cold air.
    I agree that colds aren't caused by the cold, but my family spends a LOT of time in very cold air (we bicycle with the kids all through the winter), and we have found by experience that keeping their faces covered when we go outside prevents the immediate "sniffles" when we get inside. It has really helped, as DD1 can get really upset when her nose is runny.

    Regarding the original question, there are specific coats that are designed for babywearing outside (e.g. the inuit "amauti", which you can even nurse in) but those aren't really practical as a short-term solution for someone who is "just visiting" from the south. I agree if it's really cold, just stay in!

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