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Thread: Recurrent mastitis!!

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    My DD is 10 months old now and has 5 teeth. I had 2-3 bouts of mastitis in the first 3 months and then maybe once between then and 8 months. Now, I have been repeatedly getting mastitis about every 3 weeks. It is painful and makes this mommy not so happy! I thought is may be related to her having more teeth, or a change in latch or always sleeping on my right side with her at night. So, I have been sitting up to feed her, sleeping on the left and right side and even changing my position while feeding her. Nothing helped, I have mastitis AGAIN. I have/am currently trying hot compresses and lecithin. The other thing I am wondering about is if my breast implants may be affecting my breasts. They are about 6 years old and places behind the pectoris muscle via the axilla, rather than through the nipple or breast tissue. I am at a serious loss here and need some help mamas!

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    Welcome to the forum! When a mom has recurrent mastitis, my first thought is that she has something called subclinical mastitis, which is a low-grade infection that simmers in the background, flaring up into real mastitis from time to time. my understanding is that the best thing to do, in most cases, is to culture the mom's milk and give her the RIGHT antibiotic.

    I have a friend who had near-constant mastitis for the first 6 months of her baby's life. She would go to the doc, get antibiotics, take the antibiotics, feel better. And then, a few weeks later, the mastitis would come roaring back. Finally, she went to our closest level 1 hospital (instead of our rinky-dink local hospital), got a culture taken, got the correct antibiotic, and never had mastitis again.

    The type of breast implants you have seem unlikely to be causing your repeat bouts of mastitis, but it's possible that they are to blame. Breast implants that are placed under the muscle are far less likely to cause difficulties during breastfeeding than those placed through the areola or breast, but there's no gaurantee.

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    I agree with mommal. I had mastitis several times in a row. It flare up, I'd get an antibiotic, and it would go away then come back the next weekend. In my case, the doctor didn't culture the milk but prescribed a broader spectrum, longer course of treatment. Worked a charm!

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