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    im breastfeeding my newborn. im about 3 days in and my breast are hard, sore, swollen and the nipples seem to be agitated as well. i want to keep breastfeeding i dont wanna give up on my baby plus i cannot afford formula. im looking for home remedies other than hot and cold alternating compresses to relive this discomfort. based on my symptoms webmd says i should call my dr, but i havent decided to do that yet. i know the signs and symptoms are that milk in coming in on demand....but this discomfort is a bit much. please help. besides these hot/cold compresses are not doing a thing for my poor breast.

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    If you're feeling engorged, you can try hand-expressing a little milk to relieve that too-full feeling, and put your baby to the breast. Are you running a fever at all?

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    OK first of don't give up you are doing great!!! Next, get some Lanolin. You can get it at the dollar store in the baby section. Rub it on your nipples after EVERY feed. It will help your nipple soreness a great deal. Use it until your nipples get used to the nursing. Trust me it WILL get easier. Just stick with it. Next some questions. When you latch your baby on does it hurt just for a few moments and then go away for the most part or does it hurt the entire time?

    Also remember engorgment does hurt. There is not a whole lot you can do about it. It just takes time. In a few days you'll feel much less discomfort and by 6 weeks you'll be golden. Don't give up mama! PM me if you'd like to talk more

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    Is baby nursing well, peeing and pooping at a normal rate for her age? Often the best thing to do is to nurse as often as possible- removing small amount of milk very frequently is really helpful for engorgement.

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    My milk came in around the same time as yours - three days in - and my breasts grew in size and got very hard and extremely tender! Like PPs said, time and continued frequent nursing really do work, and the engorgement will pass ... Hang in there! For me, a little hand expression here and there through the day was helpful (so you can get a little milk out to ease the discomfort and soften the breast slightly so baby can latch). I also wore a bra 24/7 (nursing bras or tanks during the day, a stretchy sleep bra at night) since the support helped to minimize discomfort. I also took warm showers and let the warm water flow over my front -- if you are REALLY engorged, you might have to stand with your back to the shower head and let the water flow over your shoulders, so it's less direct. The swollen feeling and extreme sensitivity passed within a few days or a week ... and the tenderness eased within a month.

    As for the nipple pain, you said your nipples felt "agitated." Can you explain a little more? Do they continue to hurt or become increasingly painful through a nursing session, or look creased (like a lipstick) afterwards, cracked, etc? Those would be signs of latch issues. But if your nipple hurts for the first minute that baby is latched but then it kind of eases up through the nursing session, that is normal (or so the LC told me!). It makes sense to experience some sensitivity - they are getting a lot of sudden, frequent stimulation from baby suckling so often. What worked for me was to use a salve like Lanolin right after each feeding - although personally I much prefer Motherlove Nipple Cream, it goes on smoother, smells better, and absorbs faster - and then use the cooling gel pads between feedings. The gel pads were sooo soothing for nipple soreness. I like the Ameda Comfort Gels best but they are a little more expensive and harder to find. The Lanisoh Soothies are a little more affordable and they are good too, and carried at most drugs stores (I think they are like $10-12 at Walgreens?). I know you said you want home remedies, but it is worth it to spend a little on these products if it helps you feel better and get your breastfeeding off to a good start

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