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    Shaela just turned one year old. We made it to one year of breastfeeding, with no signs of slowing down! We also donated 150 oz. to the Mother's Milk Bank of New England. We're happily co-sleeping and won't stop until she's ready. I've worked full-time 7 out of those 12 months, pumping 3 times a day.

    So, thank you 0-3 months forum! I read you in the wee hours during those first few weeks that despite my joy brought me to tears of depression and loneliness ( I didn't know about the necessity of co-sleeping, yet, thanks to the hospital putting the fear in me!) I swear I had PTSD after an all-natural delivery! This forum helped me when we had the wrong latch, and when I didn't know how to pump or when I just needed a pat on the back for doing everything right. It's all so overwhelming for a new mom, but now it's second nature. My baby will be smarter, healthier and happier thanks to all of you! You're amazing women!

    Thank you!
    Laura and Shaela

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    Congratulations! And Kudos to you for pumping for so long. That is such a huge commitment!! Welcome to the after party! I think that you will fine nursing in the 2nd year to be much different and much less overwhelming in the 2nd year as your child's solid food intake increases. Please see us down in the weaning section when you are ready to hang up your horns! (pump wean) Yay to you and your healthy baby girl!

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    Congratulations! It's so great to hear that things are going well for you! Isn't it a great feeling to have worked past all those issues and to have gotten to the good stuff? Great job, mama!
    DSD (15), DSS (12), DS1 (10), DD1 (8), DS2 (2), and a new little bean on the way in May 2013.

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