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Thread: Reglan?

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    Has anyone used this? My OB prescribed this for me. Just started taking it last night. I've tried no bottles extra pumping and fenugreek. So she gave me this. Have you had success with it?

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    Yes, I used it for a couple of months with my first daughter. It worked well, but honestly I think what really helped me was frequent pumping with a hospital-grade pump.

    The biggest side-effect danger with Reglan is depression. If you feel yourself trending that way, speak to your doc.

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    Randomly one day my friend told me she was lactating. She had never been pregnant and didn't know why she was lactating. Turns out it was the Reglan for her chronic nausea. When my IBCLC offered it to me, I felt like I hit the jackpot. Reglan works really well for me. I don't get depression but I do get softer stools. It took me 3 days to increase supply.
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