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Thread: Decrease amount of solids in 11 mth after virus. Normal?

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    Default Decrease amount of solids in 11 mth after virus. Normal?

    Hi Ladies, We are doing BLS and my lo has done well so far, eating small but noticeable amounts of food until now. She is just eating 2 solid "meals" a day, breakfast with the nanny, and dinner with us. Otherwise her milk intake is about the same. A few pumped bottles or nursing during the day and one or two night nurses plus on demand feeding evenings and weekends.

    Last week she had a little virus which she is still getting over I think as her nose is very runny. I've noticed since getting sick, she is barley eating any solids. Mostly she just throws everything on the floor, including her "favorites". Even her poop is back to almost exclusive bm consistency. Is this pretty normal? How long does it take to go back to eating normal amounts of solid foods?

    I'm not too worried about it but starting in a few weeks I'm going to work on getting to be three solid meals a day so that when I go back to work in February (long Christmas break), I won't have to pump anymore.

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    Default Re: Decrease amount of solids in 11 mth after virus. Normal?

    Going on a solids strike when sick is really normal. How long it takes for the baby to go back to her usual amount of solids is variable, so there's no good answer to the "when" question. And even if your baby wasn't ill, there's no telling what her eating pattern is going to be in the next few months. It's very common for babies to back off on solids, or on breastmilk, during certain intervals, and then pick back up during other intervals. So I think you'd be wise to be mentally prepared to be flexible over the next few weeks, and accept that you may want to have your baby eating 3 solids meals per day so you can pump wean in February, but your baby may not be on board with that plan. That's not saying that you can't pump wean at a year- most moms do! Just don't stress about the solids situation now, and don't try to push the solids too hard right now.

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