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Thread: Started solids now on antibiotics

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    Default Started solids now on antibiotics

    DD is 6mo and we have been doing puréed fruits (bananas, pears, apples) and veg (carrot, sweet potatoes) for several weeks now. Initially she seemed to really enjoy them. She would get very excited, easily open her mouth and accept them. This has changed.

    She now has ANOTHER ear infection (had one last month that took 2 courses of antibiotics to treat). She is now completely refusing any solids. She purses her lips tightly together and if you put the food near her mouth she spits it back. Connection???

    I know the food is not being given for nutritional purposes but for practice (she is still EBF; bottles of EBM at daycare), but her older sister (3 yo) is the pickiest eater ever and I FEAR that this will happen again! I can't take another picky eater!

    Should I just lay off the solids until she's off the antibiotic? The antibiotics do give her vicious diarrhea too, so I'm imagining her belly doesn't feel that great. She is nursing/taking her bottles just fine. Poor baby; I hate the daycare cooties!!!
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    Default Re: Started solids now on antibiotics

    I don't think I'd draw a connection between the abx and the refusal of solids. It's very normal for babies to go through a phase of interest in being spoon-fed, and then lose the interest. It's like they're thinking "Yeah, I tried that, and it's okay. But honestly, I'm just not that into it right now".

    Have you tried letting your LO self-feed? Some babies just hate the spoon. My first daughter was like that. If the spoon came near her she'd purse her lips and bat it away, sending puree flying. So in order to get her to eat, we had to let her feed herself.

    I don't think there's anything you can do that's guaranteed to stop a kid from being or becoming picky. It's one of those things that's not really under your control, YK? Just do your best to model healthy eating habits at home- if you eat a healthy and varied diet, your children will pick up on that model- and do your best to keep on offering healthy choices to your kids, even if they consistently eat only their few preferred "safe" foods.

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    Default Re: Started solids now on antibiotics

    It could be the pain from the ear infection making her not want to go through the motions of chewing, swallowing from a spoon. It could be the upset tummy from abx. Either way I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just back off for a little while and go back to it when she seems more interested. I can pretty much guarantee you that a phase of not eating solids now, at 6 mos, isn't going to make her a picky eater later.
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