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Thread: Pain to only left nipple while breastfeeding

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    Default Pain to only left nipple while breastfeeding

    My daughter is now 2 weeks old and I have been only breastfeeding her. I attempted breastfeeding my first child 9 years ago but only last maybe a week, if even that. It seems like my milk has come in. My daughter saw her PMD 2 days after being discharged from the hospital and has been gaining weight. She always has been having the normal amount of wet and dirty diapers. Until yesterday I was only able to breastfeed using the Avent nipple protector/shield for all feedings. Now I am able to nurse my daughter on my right breast without the shield. Although on the left breast I was having pain although tried to fight through it. The pain appears to be in my nipple and I was not able to bare it anymore therefore I have been nursing my daughter with the nipple protector on. I have attempted a few more times without the shield and have realized that the pain is when I have my daughter in the cradle or cross-cradle hold. I actually just attempted the football hold and the pain was very little then disappeared. I would love to be able to breastfeed on my left side without a shield. I would also love to go to the Breastfeeding Clinic offered by the hospital where I delivered my daughter although I am not able to drive for another 1.5 weeks and the clinic is only on wednesdays.

    Why is it that I am able to nurse on my right breast with no difficulty but not my left. At first I thought it may be my daughters latch although I can hear her swallowing. I have applied lanolin to my nipples/areolas and have been using the shield until I feel that my left nipples are ready for another attempt. Please help me. I would really love to breastfeed my daughter without using a shield.

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    This does sound like a latch problem-it can certainly happen that the latch is painful to mom yet baby gets plenty of milk.

    It is quite common for latch issues to be worse on one side than the other. it could be for many reasons, and latch pain issues are almost always correctable. It sounds as if you are making good progress on your own, it sounds as if positioning is the key, as it very commonly is with latch issues. If the football hold does not hurt, nurse in the football hold. It is fine to nurse in any position that works-as long as baby is getting milk and it does not hurt, that is ALL that matters. The 'rules' about nursing positions have dramatically shifted lately, as it is being found that, while there are some general tips that usually work, there really are no rules that work for every mom and baby. At the bottom of this post I will link some of my favorite positioning resources but these are just suggestions, ultimately you and your baby will figure out what works best for you.

    but I agree, it would be great if you could be seen by an IBCLC. Can't you get a ride from anyone? What about calling the clinic or your local LLL if there is one, or any local private practice IBCLC's to see if there is any way you can be seen in your home?

    Was your baby born via Cesarean birth? Is that why you cannot drive?

    It is fine to use a nipple shield if that is helping! yes it would be better to not need it, but nursing with a shield is far better than pumping and bottle feeding. This is early days, you can work on weaning off the shield as latch improves.

    Quick guide to latching http://cwgenna.com/quickhelp.html

    Biological nurturing http://www.biologicalnurturing.com/

    Positioning ideas http://www.llli.org/faq/positioning.html

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