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Thread: pain in breast after pumping

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    I feed my LO on demand, but pump occasionally (once a week or so) to prepare a bottle for when I am teaching. The other night, I pumped and went back to sleep. When I awoke to feed my son, my left breast was sore beyond words. Often when I pump, I have pain in the nipple, but this was further back, and felt as if someone had stepped on my breast! I have had one plugged duct before, and this felt so much worse! The pain has subsided (I took Motrin a few times and went to sleep right when the LO did), but the tissue inside is still sore.
    I massaged the breast as recommended, but I left a red patch.
    Is it possible to bruise that breast tissue? I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong...

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    I would think that it's possible to bruise breast tissue if you massage too vigorously, just as any other part of the body. I think the fact that your nipples hurt while pumping is not a good sign. Perhaps you need a different size shield, or you have the pump turned up too high? I'm not sure what exactly would cause the breast pain further back - the only thing I can think of is having the pump too high pulled on the nipple too much which pulled the deeper tissue more. Everything is connected, right? Hopefully others will have some more ideas!

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    That sounds like it could have been a very bad plug or even the beginnings of mastitis; a red patch or red streaks on the skin of the breast can indicate infection.

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