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Thread: Can supply be boosted for a 9 month old

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    Default Can supply be boosted for a 9 month old

    I stay at home with my lo and primarily bf. Around 8 months my supply started to drop. He is now eating table food and baby food along with the milk. At his 9 month checkup, he had gained very little weight and minimal height. I was going to supplement, but he is allergic to formula (doesn't matter what base, he's allergic to them). He still bf 2x a day. Once in the morning and once before bed. I try to offer the breast at other times, but he arches away after a couple sucks. Even the 2 feedings he does get are a struggle with constant swapping from breast to breast. I want to bf until he is at least one. He will be 10 months soon. Is there anything I can do to boost supply for at least the next few months?

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    Welcome to the forum! I think the likely culprit for the supply drop you've experienced is the very low number of feedings. Milk production is governed by demand: more demand = more supply. The more frequently and more completely you empty the breast, the more your supply will increase. If the baby is unwilling to give you more demand, then you need to empty the breast by some other means, i.e. pumping. Do you have a pump? And if so, what make/model? Since your LO is not nursing much and seems to resistant to nursing, I'd consider renting a hospital-grade pump, since that will give you maximum stimulation and milk removal. And you're very close to your 1 year goal, so it would also be a cost-effective option.

    Once you have a pump, you want to use it frequently. Start with 8 pumping sessions per day, about 20 minutes at a time. More pumping sessions will give you better results, so if you can exceed that 8x per day goal, great!

    Other things what may help:
    - Take baby to bed. Many babies who will not nurse during the day will do so at night, when too drowsy to put up a fight.
    - Check out this link for suggestions: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/
    - Try supply-boosting herbs- fenugreek, blessed thistle, oatmeal. Can't hurt, may help.
    - Review your birth control choices. Hormonal contraception- even the so-called "safe for breastfeeding" methods- can reduce supply for some moms.

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