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Thread: Green poop...confused

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    First I don't know if this is the place to ask so if you a different forum topic is better please bump this message.
    My son is almost 7 months old weighs around 17lbs (6lbs 5oz at birth) and poops every other day or so. He was exclusively breast fed for 3 months and then went on a never-ending nursing strike so I pump and bottle feed. About a month ago I decided to slowly ween off the pump. I was pumping 6 times a day but now I'm at 5. My supply went down so I have to supplement 4oz of formula a day. Now he has green poop. I read it could be one of three things, too much iron, watery milk or an allergy. I mix my days milk for an even fat content and even stopped mixing in half of my morning pump ( the most watery) but still green poop. I stopped giving him the vitamin drops the dr recommended but still green poops. So now I think it might be an allergy. I have given him a small amount of formula in the past with no side effects and he doesn't act more fussy than usual so I'm not sure.
    My question is do you think my milk is too watery since I am going longer between pumps or do you think it is an allergy? My next step is to give only forma to see what happens. What should his poop look like on formula? And if my milk is too watery should I dump all if it and stop pumping?
    PS He had solids once a day mainly fruits and a few veggies. I've never noticed a change in poop from what he eats

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    If you got to almost 7 months without morticing a green poop, I think the most likely explanation for the green poop at this point is the formula, which will turn a kid's stool a kind of olive green color. However, solids could also explain the color change- even small amounts will result in color changes. And more watery milk from spaced-out pumping sessions could also explain the change.

    Please don't let green poop freak you out. Green poop is only an indicator of a health problem if it's accompanied by additional worrisome symptoms, like poor growth, severe discomfort or fussiness, or signs of allergy (blood in the stool, rash, excema, asthma, etc.).

    Seriously, this is nothing to freak out about, and I absolutely would not dump your precious milk or go exclusively to formula over this!

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