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Thread: wondering about baby size servings

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    Default wondering about baby size servings

    Hi! I was out for Asian food with family, and was asked how much I'm giving baby a day of solids. Specifically, how many jars of baby food, as I was giving lo a jar of carrots. She'll eat a whole jar, probly a few jars if I let her, at 8mo. has been a good eater all along. Some mom's gave their babies several jars a day, is this recommended? I also like to give avocado, sweet potato, other fruits/vegetables. Can you share how much to give for a baby who seems to eat as much as we'll offer? Amounts and recommended foods are also appreciated. We also wondered if any Japanese or Vietnamese dishes would be ok for DD to try, yet. Thanks, for any experience you can share about this!

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    Default Re: wondering about baby size servings

    I avoided the store bought processed jarred baby food. I just offered what ever the family was eating to my lo as a finger food or sometimes I mashed it up with a fork. I let my lo feed himself. I did not stress out over how much my lo was eating b/c breastfeeding was still the mainstay of his diet until about 18 months.
    If I was eating a new food and unsure of whether or not it was allergic I kind of threw trust into the equation and just hoped for the best.
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    Default Re: wondering about baby size servings

    Until a year you can give a baby as much solid food as she wants, as long as she continues to breastfeed enough that breastmilk continues to make up the majority of her nutritional intake. For some babies who are very enthusiastic about solids and not that enthusiastic about nursing, that means offering less solid food than the baby will eat. And, of course, always nurse before offering solids; you want baby to fill up on breastmilk (the ideal food) and save solids for fun with new tastes, textures, and motor skills.

    For the record, at 8 months my kids ate maybe a teaspoon or two of solids per day on a good day. Most days they were uninterested. A baby can remain well-nourished on breastmilk alone until sometime around the first birthday, and many children remain primarily breatsfeed well into the second year. The transition from needing only mama's milk to needing a lot of solids is a very gradual one.

    Viet and Japanese foods are full of baby-friendly possibilities. Noodles, rice, vegetables, and meats like chicken, fish, pork, and beef are all fine. You want to hold off on shellfish, eggs, and nuts until after a year, because those are highly allergenic foods. So let baby have some rice, but don't let her have the frie drive with the egg in it. And if you're getting sushi, order a vegetarian roll or a tofu roll for the baby to play with. She probably shouldn't have any raw fish or any mercury-rich fish at this point.

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    Default Re: wondering about baby size servings

    We never used any of the jarred foods either. Both of my LO's started eating solids at around 6 months, but didn't consume more than about a tablespoon at a time until they were closer to a year old. I believe a read somewhere that an appropriate portion size for a baby is about the size of their fist.

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