My LO (6.5 MO now) has always been a pretty physical nurser, but lately he's developed the charming habit of pinching :-/ I wear a nursing necklace to keep the top hand busy, and it helps a little (plus he sometimes lets me patty-cake or hold that top hand). But it's the BOTTOM hand that's up to no good now. He likes to snake it up behind me where I can't reach and pinch the back of my arm, armpit, and back - ouch! Is there any way for me to keep that hand from causing so much trouble, or is this just another one of those nursing phases for me to tolerate until it passes?

(For the record, side-lying nursing doesn't help ... it actually creates MORE opportunity for him to squirm, kick off my legs and belly, and twiddle me, since he gets two hands & two feet to prod me with in that position, and I have only free arm to corral him!)